Anne Mennealy is a fine art professional with a track record of selecting unique artwork that relates to the client’s aesthetic.  Her goal is to present new artists for each project and does so by constantly sourcing from galleries, art fairs and artist studios.   She understands the steps of art procurement in the design industry: how every art location has a purpose, that the artwork must relate to the setting, be within budget and stay on message with the client’s vision.

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“Art is the first thing I look at when I’m in a room so it’s important that the art do two things: command attention and make the space sing.”

about Anne

Anne established her Art Consulting firm in Los Angeles in 1996 and throughout her career has placed world-class art in hundreds of hotels and private residences.  Striving to keep each project fresh, Anne sources artwork directly from emerging and prominent galleries, artist studios and established national/international art fairs. Anne earned her Degree in Art History, from UC Irvine.