Since 1996, Anne has approached each project with enthusiasm and the objective to source unique artwork.  Whether the job is an intimate home, a grand hotel, or a sophisticated office space, she ensures that a client’s collection is a conversation starter. She feels that the greatest reward has been to collaborate with exceptional Interior Designers and Artists that live in pursuit of their creative dream. 


Anne’s company does not maintain an art inventory, nor does she represent or promote any specific galleries or artists.  The only agenda is to assemble the best art program possible by drawing upon the many local and national contacts she’s established.


While work is her passion, her love of family is equally important.  She lives in a quiet, Southern California community with her husband and daughter. Daily, her two favorite people bring the art of living a balanced, joyful life to a higher level.



Anne Mennealy Art Consultant

Lake Forest, CA

Cell - 213-248-2002

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